Strain Controlled Triaxial Test Apparatus TSZ-6A

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TSZ - 6A type strain control in three triaxial apparatus according to GB/T50123-1999 "soil test method standard of design and manufacture, used for determining soil samples in equal strain add lotus mode of soil shear strength and deformation characteristics and gap water pressure. This instrument can undertake UU, CU and CD etc shear tests. Strain control mode by single-chip microcomputer control, realize stepless speed, Around pressure and backpressure by single-chip microcomputer automatic control. This machine is easy to operate, compact structure, etc.
Specimen size:
Ø39.1mm x 80mm Ø61.8mm x 125mm Ø101mm x 200mm
60kN max.
Platen travel:
Strain rate:
0.0024 - 4.5mm/min. with relative error ≤5% infinite variable speed
Confining pressure:
0 - 0.99MPa      digital numerical control, error control + 1% FS
Back pressure:
0 - 0.99MPa     digital numerical control, error control + 1% FS
Pore pressure:
0 - 0.99MPa     digital display, and the measurement error of plus or minus 1% FS
Volume deformation:
0 - 50ml minimum division: 0.1ml
Power supply:
220VAC 50Hz




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