Strain Controlled Triaxial Test Apparatus TSZ-4A

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TSZ - 4A type strain control triaxial apparatus used to measure in three equal strain soils, add lotus under the way of shear strength, instrument can undertake UU, CU, CD test could also to four soil samples in different around pressure consolidation experiments. This product has the shear high efficiency (especially in the consolidated undrained shearing tests conducted in 24 hours, can finish a sample of shear strength determined). Instrument performance stability, simple operation, and suitable for geotechnical tests production-oriented units using.





Specimen size: Ø39.1mm x 80mm Ø61.8mm x 125mm
Capacity: 10kN max.
Platen travel: 100mm
Strain rate: 0.002 - 4.5mm/min. stepless speed
Confining pressure: 0 - 1.99MPa, precision:+1%FS / pore pressure: 0 - 1.99MPa, Precision:+1%FS
Volume deformation: 0 - 50ml minimum division: 0.1ml
Power supply: 220VAC 50Hz
Power 800W

core:650 x 380 x 1450mm (L x W x H)                                             controller:980 x 450 x 860mm (L x W x H)

Weight 300kg


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