Strain Controlled Triaxial Test Apparatus TSZ10-1.0

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TSZ10-1.0 Bench Light-duty Triaxial Test Apparatus is designed for laboratory and educational use as well as institute for civil engineering test. It is a type of strain controlled apparatus to determine the specimen with maximum confining pressure of 1MPa and sample diameter of Ø39.1 x 80mm. It can perform the strength and deformation characteristics testing of soil specimen under the static axial load and unconsolidated-undrained test (UU), consolidated-undrained test (CU) and consolidated-drained (CD) test.
Product Model
Ø39.1 x 80mm
10kN maximum 
Strain rate
0.016 – 1.6mm/min. mechanical speed with 6 gears
Platen travel
50mm maximum
Confining pressure
0 – 1MPa 
Back pressure
0 – 0.6MPa 
Pore pressure
0 – 1MPa
Volume deformation
0 – 25cm, minimum division : 0.1cm
Axial displacement
0 – 30mm (micrometer)
Power supply
Main unit : 350 x 300 x 1100mm (L x W x H)
Controller : 500 x 500 x 925mm (L x W x H)



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