Non-Saturating Soil Stress-strain Controlled Triaxial Test Apparatus TFB-1

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TFB - 1 type of unsaturated soil stress and strain type control triaxial apparatus can be of triaxial stress, strain and cleaning etc, can undertake control UU, CU and CD test, differ to consolidation, etc to consolidation, backpressure saturation, Ko test, stress approach test and stress test, control mode can be saturated soil and unsaturated soil triaxial test of all. Each part adopts single-chip microcomputer control instrument, each part able to work independently, computer can data acquisition and control. Instrument belongs to the multi-function flexible control triaxial apparatus.
Specimen size:
Ø39.1mm x 80mm Ø61.8mm x 125mm
Axial load capacity:
         0 - 50-5 kN with accuracy of ±1% (10% - 95%FS)
Control method
Iso-strain control: 0.002mm/min. - 4mm/min. ±10%
Iso-stress control:
0.2kN - 5kN accuracy: ±1%
Confining pressure:
0 - 0.8MPa (accuracy: ±0.5%FS)
Back pressure:
0 - 0.8MPa (accuracy: ±0.5%FS / setting value: 0.01MPa - 0.8MPa)
Volume deformation:
0 - 50ml w/digital display




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