Compression Testing Machine with Digital Display TYA-12000

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The testing machine is designed for testing the compressive strength of building materials such as brick, cement mortar and concrete; it is electro-hydraulically powered and the pressure applied on the specimen can be displayed directly; The maximum force value can be maintained and the data measured can be saved when the power is off; The test data can be processed automatically and the test report can be printed


Maximum Capacity:

12000 kN

Measuring Range

0-12000 kN

Relative Error


Platen dimension

790mm×900 mm

Max. Vertical clearance between platen

1500 mm

Maximum travel of piston

120 mm

Diameter of piston

Ф630 mm

Power supply

220VAC 750W


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Product Name:
Compression Testing Machine with PC Control
The machine is a high-precision material testing equipment, driven by hydraulic power with computer data acquisition & processing, can make closed-loop control and automatic detection. It consists of four parts: main engine, oil source (hydraulic power source), measurement & control system and test apparatus. The maximum test force is 2000KN, and the accuracy is better than 1st grade.